Agriculture / Food Industry

Applications of DEBUS products within agriculture and the food industry:

DEBUS vacuum cleaners find applications in all sorts of areas. In breweries, canneries, in noodle productions, the production of baking soda or in bread factories – in all places that require compact and efficient vacuum cleaners.

  • Milk processing industry/ dairy farms
  • Production of bakery goods
  • Frozen food industry
  • Grain mills
  • Dough products
  • Coffee roasting plants
  • Beverage industry
  • Sugar refineries

Within the food industry for example:
Naturally there are a lot of application purposes for powerful vacuum cleaners within this industry. Whether it is in refrigerated warehouses at minus 25°C or industrial bakeries at oven heat. The selection of DEBUS vacuum cleaners always offers an alternative to conventional cleaning methods. All devices can be equipped with stainless steel containers in food appropiate quality. DEBUS vacuum cleaners operate in bread factories, mill concerns, coffee roasting plants, oil mills, refrigerated warehouses, choclate factories and sugar refineries.

For example: Working in the canning industry often includes a moist surrounding. All wastes are removed by strong and reliable compressed air vacuum cleaners. These devices are designed to also operate in wet surroundings as they are absolutely safe and easy to handle. The vacuum cleaners defeat all waste, whether chunky or liquid. They operate extremely sustainable and are very durable due to their robust construction.

After the food cans are finished the top gets vacuumed to remove any liquids that adhere during the sterilisation in water-baths.

Also used within various ice-factories along with their packaging processes:
Even in cold surroundings DEBUS industrial vacuum cleaners operate equally as effective as they do under normal circumstances. For example refrigerated warehouses get cleaned and ice cream moulds are being vaccumed while operating. Waste from ice cubes as well as water get removed.
Even in deep-freeze facilities that reach temperatures of minus 40°C DEBUS vacuum cleaners operate without any problems. Of course these devices need to be equipped with special filters, suction hoses and appropiate seals. These companies also especially value constructions of stainless steel. Our vacuum cleaners are of course rust-proof and comply with the highest quality standards.

Lebensmittelinbdustrie_Zucker_Entstaubung Lebensmittelindustrie_Absaugung_Maschine_Eismaschine
Dust Extraction System vacuuming
sugar dust during filling
Dust Extraction at an ice machine
for ice packaging – ice foils