Power Stations

Application of DEBUS vacuum cleaners in coal-fired power stations

Here a lot of dust emerges and powerful vacuum cleaners are required to free the large operational facilities of the enormous amount of dust. Special DEBUS- suction and conveyer nozzles vacuum the flammable dust and blow it into the combustion chamber.

Further application purposes:
Cleaning of conveyer systems, vacuuming hot ashes during boiler overhauls, vacuuming abrasives during repair and maintanance work, general cleaning tasks.

Furnace cleaning: Whether it is the big boilers in power stations, on ships, the incinerator in clinics and institutions or crematories. When hot matter needs to be vacuumed or working in hot surroundings is nessecary, there is nothing better than DEBUS compressed air vacuum cleaners. A broad selection of special suction inlets are available to vacuum pipes, clean furnaces and carry out various other tasks in hot surroundings. The suction hoses of these devices are made from metal while the filter elements are made from other high-quality heat resitant materials. Maximum vacuum temperatures of 600 degrees C° can be reached. With dusty matter 300 degrees C° are possible.


Energie Kraftwerke Einsatz
Used for cleaning coal dust in power stations