Wet-Dust Extraction

Wet-Filter Systems are used for e.g. deburring machines during sanding, deburring and polishing to extract the dust. This process is often used to extract aluminium dust which can be explosive when extracted dry. A Wet Filter System works by seperating the dust and air as the air/matter mixture is being sucked in by the power of water. The water catches the dust particles and lets them sink to the ground. After that the air gets seperated from the water again and leaves the Wet Filter System as clean air.

These Wet-Dust Extractors are ideal for substances that cause sparks during processing as well as for extremely adhesive matters. Oiled boards for example can cause problems when installed with a Dry Filter System since sparks may occur during manufacturing works. When the filter is clogged by oil, just one spark can be enough to cause a fire. The risk of fire caused by Dry Filter Systems can be easily prevented with the right Wet Filter System.

We of course offer a variety of different equipment options:

  • HEPA afterfilter
  • Activated Carbon Filter
  • Special Noise Insulation
  • Individual machine colours for our customers
  • Pedestals, forklift straps, wheels and rolls
  • Emptying through moveable container or drain valve
  • etc.