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Vacuum cleaners for cleaning tanks:

In these fields of industry large amounts of oil residues, mud as well as abrasives and dust need to be removed from capacious tanks. Before the tanks get internally coated with rubber or plastic their walls need to be cleaned thoroughly. That requires extremely powerful vacuum cleaners which either operate with long suction hoses or are small enough to fit into the tank. DEBUS provides both – vacuum cleaners that are able to vacuum up to ten metres high as well as vacuums that fit through manholes.

Vacuum cleaners for cleaning ships:

These firms have been working with strong DEBUS vacuum cleaners for years to clean tanks, vacuum cargo holds or remove bilge water – even on tank ships that only allow ex-secure equipment. Compressed air vacuum cleaners meet those requirements in combination with appropiate suction- and compressed air hoses that need to be statically conductive. The powerful compressed air vacuum cleaners are used not only regarding cleaning purposes but also during oil changes or repair work.

Maschinenreinigung und Instandhaltung

Used for cleaning machines
mobile compressed air vacuum cleaner grounded