Central Extraction Systems

Working more efficiently with a Central Extraction System

Optimize your work processes with a Central Extraction System that removes production residues instantly and reliably. Save time and costs which may arise as a result of production failure when machines do not get cleaned accordingly. A Central Extraction System ensures smooth production procedures as well as clean working condtitions for your employees.

Lower production costs, more safety

During industrial production processes certain materials remain behind and get released. That matter can interfere with the manufacturing course: like chips as well as gross or very fine dust for example. These materials get instantly removed with a Central Extraction System in order to keep latter maintanance and cleaning efforts regarding the machines minimal. A Central Extraction System additionally improves work conditions with clean air and noticeably increases work safety as well. That way you also reduce health related personell absences which can cost your company a lot of money.

Individual solutions for individual requirements

Every Extraction System we create is matched to its individual application purpose in every detail. Amongst other aspects we are taking into consideration construction, size and suction volume. What stays the same with every product however, is that every DEBUS Extraction System operates highly efficient – no matter the purpose.

We will happily give you advice on how to use a Central Extraction System best in order to increase efficiency and safety in your company.