Rental Devices

DEBUS Rental Devices ensure that you are always using the ideal machine for your application.
And that only for as long as you really need it.

For that reason we rent out our DEBUS industrial vacuum cleaners at fair rental conditions. Ask us, we are happy to assist you with any questions.

Renting an industrial vacuum cleaner offers many advantages. If you only require the device for a short period of time for example, the DEBUS solution is very convinient. Additionally it is of course possible to rent devices for longer durations as well.

Our repertoire of industrial vacuum cleaners, dedusters, welding smoke filters, oil or wet seperators up to suction and conveyer nozzles contains more than 150 different models of which most of them are available for rent. Whether it is about vacuuming liquid or solid, toxic or flammable materials, you will for sure find the fitting solution for your problem at DEBUS.
Your advantages:

• Usage of a device over an optional amount of time
• A large selection
• Fast availability
• Fair rental conditions
• No expensive investments


des 130


DEBUS Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Application: dry to max. slightly moist building and solid materials, dusts with a grain size of 0 – 45 mm, 90 Litres Collecting tank

Electric drive 400 V

Rental conditions: 999 Euro per week

DES 855 Öl Späne Sauger DEBUS


DEBUS Oil-Chip Vacuum Cleaner 200 Litres

Application: Oil and lubricants, coolants Suction and pump function – Chip cage for seperating solid materials and fluids

Electric drive 400 V

Rental conditions: 349 Euro per week

DES 119 rec H AS 3KW

DES 119 3 REC H AS

DEBUS Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Application: dry dusts and solid materials, like chips, sands, stones, granules, grains, blasting materials, Construction Site Vacuum Cleaner

Electric drive 400V, 60L container

Rental conditions: 249 Euro per week

dds 50


DEBUS Drum Vacuum Cleaner

Application: Oil and lubricants, coolants vacuuming directly into a bung barrel, integrated float

Compressed air drive

Rental conditions: 109 Euro per week

DDS 118-Reclean-H-B1-VA


DEBUS Dry Vacuum Cleaner Atex Zone

Application: dry dusts and solid materials vacuuming within the ATEX Zone 21/22 , V2A filter- & collecting tank

Compressed air drive, 40L container

Rental conditions: 249 Euro per week




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