Glass industry

Application in glass factories:

Only robust vacuum cleaners can be used in these hot operations. DEBUS industrial vacuum cleaners absorb quartz remains, hot sand, hot oil and cooling fluids. They also work flawlessly in extremely dusty as well as very hot surroundings as they operate with compressed air and therefore do not need cooling. These vacuum cleaners have small dimensions which allows them to operate even in barely accessible places.

When larger amounts need to be vacuumed, special vacuum cleaners are available that vacuum straight from containers as well as on conveyer belts and trucks.

Light bulb factories

As a result of manufacturing, glass shards in all sizes remain. Very fine dusts need to be removed and the internal coating of lamps usually consists of stamped mercury. If something breaks during processing, efficient vacuum cleaners are required to deal with the problem. DEBUS offers appropiate vacuum cleaners that can be used for vacuuming toxic as well as materials that are harmful to health. Even mercury remains are not an issue for DEBUS vacuum cleaners.


B-TX-GL (TEXTIL - GLAS - BAU - PAPIER) Abrasiver heißer Stäube und Sande)
Used during glass processing, vacuuming fine glass fibres Vacuuming hot, abrasive dusts and sands