Oak processionary moths vacuum cleaner

Vacuuming oak processionary moths for example:

The environmentally friendliest and most effective way to eliminate oak processionary moths is using the DEBUS extraction method.
This method is especially useful in areas close to public places (sports ground, wood car park, campsite, cemeteries) and residential areas to significantally minimise the potential of stinging hairs.
Other options like thermal control with fire spears might cause forest fires during the summer months. Chemical methods are also possible but highly questionable due to their ecological impact. Regardless of the method it is always mandatory to wear protective clothes during control measures. It is recommended to start the treatment of infested areas during spring and the early summer months. Even the already abandoned nests have potential danger during the course of summer. Depending on the wind intensity their nestes often fly hundreds of metres. Because of the high density of remaining hairs those have to be made harmless.
To do so, we offer a special vacuum cleaner for the absolutely effective and environmentally safe removal of oak processionary moths.

The advantages are obvious:

  • The removal of all organic substances from the oak processionary moths takes place without leaving any residues
  • Compared to chemical treatments – no additional burden for the environment
  • Compared to combustion – no danger of harming the tree substance
  • By vacuuming the poisonous hairs, the spreading and therefore potential dangers gets prevented
  • Removal by vacuuming the oak processionary moths results in a population decline in future years

We offer a variety of models depending on the application – small or big, heavy or light – just get in touch with us!


Mobile 2- engine vacuum
cleaner for removing oak
processionary moths