Compressed Air Vacuum Cleaners

DEBUS Compressed Air Vacuum Cleaners for more efficient cleanliness

Count on the well-established suction technology of Compressed Air and keep your company in perfectly clean condition with one of our DEBUS Compressed Air Vacuum Cleaners.

For many decades now we have continously been developing new and optimal solutions of industrial suction technologies for our costumers. We permanantly keep developing our products to guarantee you always benefit from the best possible quality. DEBUS Compressed Air Vacuum Cleaners are distinguished by the following qualiy-features:

  • reliable suction power
  • individual solutions for your requirements
  • easy handling
  • robust construction
  • very powerful due to advanced vacuum-technologies
  • effective cleaning
  • longevity

You will find all those features in the majority of our product range. We offer our costumers Compressed Air Vacuum Cleaners for a number of different application purposes. With us you will always find the right product! Whether it is gross dirt, health endangering dust or highly viscous liquids.

A short overview of the DEBUS product range:

  • Compressed Air Vacuum Cleaners: the powerful allrounder for removing dirt
  • Compressed Air Vacuum Cleaners for Chips: efficient removal of chips from the ground, work surface, processing machines & other facilities
  • Compressed Air Vacuum Cleaners for Oil: special liquid Vacuum Cleaners for the removal of e.g. hydraulic oil
  • Compressed Air Vacuum Cleaners for Liquids: removing coolants, wastewater & other leaked liquids effectively
  • Compressed Air Electric Vacuum Cleaner: powerful suction removes nearly any material

As an optional extra, all machines can be supplied with ATEX-explosion protection as well as different types of filters and various nozzle configurations.
For the ideal use of our machines, we recommend costumers who choose a Compressed Air Vacuum Cleaner from us, our additional standard component parts including a vacuum hose, hand tube, ground nozzle, joint nozzle and round brush.

More information and technical details are available on our individual product sites. In addition to that our professionally trained team members will happily give you exclusive advice regarding your very unique requirements. Get in touch with us today and talk to one of our specialists.