Dry-Dust Extraction

During many industrial processes clean air serves as a work medium and changes its composition/ absorbs foreign matter, which reduces the original air quality or even pollutes it to a health damaging degree. As a result  a lot of health damaging, toxic as well as explosive dusts emerge that harm your employees and machines. To lead the air back into the atmosphere after processing, all the foreign substances in the air have to be detracted.

If fine or gross dust: Our DEBUS Dust Extraction Systems remove pollution reliably and keep your air and work space clean. Machines and measuring tools do not get dirty anymore so that cleaning processes take place in longer intervals. Especially regarding the measuring tools our Dust Extraction Systems have immense benefits. Our products ensure the accuracy of your measurements and therefore let you maintain a continuously high quality standard. Additionally the manufacturing machines get polluted less which results in durability and longer operating times. Last but not least, our Dust Extraction System make your employees breathe freely again.

Our Dust Extractors are concepted for all areas of application wthin industry and trade. Our products operate with an innovative concept of individual components using modular construction methods which can therefore be adapted for all types of work. We will gladly help you find the right Extraction System for your company and your exact application purpose. Simply use our contact form or call us. Together we will establish a clean work space!

Timber Dust
For the efficient and safe extraction of timber dusts we offer certified vacuum cleaners that comply with the Working Conditions Act as well as the Worker Protection. Of course we provide different levels of power, reaching from 790m³/h to a maximum volume flow of 6.000m³/h.

These features make our Extraction Systems the perfect solution for the timber industry, the perfect solution for Dust Extractions in timber trade as well as for carpentry but also for the extraction of paper, recycling materials, synthetic materials, production lines or filling systems.