Electric Vacuum Cleaners

Electric Vacuum Cleaners: Universal and powerful

Select your new Electric Vacuum Cleaner with focus on powerful suction to remove nearly all materials. Benefit from our many differnet versions of Electric Vacuum Cleaners as well as individual solutions to find the ideal Vacuum Cleaner for your exact requirements. Our Electric Vacuum Cleaners are applicable in almost all warehouse, workshop, commercial or industrial areas. Whether it is extremely fine dust or viscous liquids: Our Vacuum Cleaners ensure cleanliness reliably and without effort. Easy handling. With regards to daily usability we especially value the easy handling of our Electric Valuum Cleaners: That includes not only the transport but also emptying the equipment. On this account we manufacture very light Vacuum Cleaners along with easy-going rolls. The equipment is emptied using a detachable collector, a silo valve or directly into the customer’s own refuse containers. A variety of options. All robust and durable. To ensure longlasting efficiency we manufacture robust constructions from high-quality materials like stainless or plastic coated steel. To provide optimal use for vacuuming a wide range of materials including for example liquids, we match the material exactly to your intended application purpose. Addtionally depending on your intended use we offer devices powered by one to three motors from 1.1 kW to 3.3 kW as well as different types of filters complying with current DIN EN 60335-2-69 attachment AA regulations including a “Professional Institute for industrial Safety” test certificate. We will happily advice you on which Electric Vacuum Cleaner is the right one for your. Get in touch with us now and get not binding information from us.