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DEBUS is also present within the automotive industry:

Our extraction sytems get used in various factories of well-known automobile manufacturers to absorb residues of welding electrodes as well as sandblasting materials at the pass-through installation for the production of vehicle chassis. During the production of buses for example residues of rivets, washers, cables and other metal parts stay back that need to be removed. Often smaller central extraction systems will be used for this. Residues of liquids get vacuumed directly from the bodyshell before it gets painted. During modern adhesive technologies in vehicle construction residues of adhesive matter get absorbed with powerful DEBUS compressed air vacuum cleaners. For engine productions efficient vacuum cleaners are being used to remove chips and cooling fluid from blind holes. A large number of diverse application purposes for DEBUS vacuums can also be found at garages:
Especially small and handy vacuum cleaners are needed to remove dust as well as fluids. Special oil vacuum cleaners – like the DDS 50 – are suited to fill oil directly into available barrels.
As a result the time-consuming transferring and funneling of fluids is not necessary anymore. Brake drums get treated with special vacuum cleaners that are capable of handling asbestos dust. To efficiently vacuum breakage of glass the devices need to be equipped with abrasion resistant suction hoses.




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Automotive industry, vacuuming dust during processing Automotive industry, vacuuming oil at the production line