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Vacuuming mercury:

Mercury is a heavy and highly toxic as well as an expensive medium. The removal of mercury therefore requires an especially powerful vacuum cleaner. Additionally it also requires an appropiate filter system for purifying the exhaust air. Both is provided in an extensive selection of vacuum cleaners by DEBUS. In case these materials are used during manufacturing processes or stay back as residues in your company, ask us for advice. We offer different solutions to ensure the most efficient elimination of mercury.

Pharmaceutical companies:

The small but efficient compressed air vacuum cleaners clean mills, mixers, kneading machines as well as remove adhesive dirt with the high negative pressure they are able to generate. These vacuum cleaners are also in great demand for cleaning tableting and packaging machines. Vacuuming glass splinters, ampoules along with other fragments as well as fluids presents no issues at all. If requested these vacuum cleaners can additionally be delivered in stainless steel or plastic coated constructions for more effortless desinfection.

CP (Chemie-Pharma-Rohstoffe)
CP (Chemical-Pharma-Raw Materials)