Corrosion Protection / Removal of Blasting Material

Corrosion protection and the removal of blasting material with DEBUS compressed air vacuum cleaners

For example in boatyards: the boat hulls get sandblasted or the paint gets applied.
The blasting abrasives need to be vacuumed. That requires an especially powerful vacuum cleaner – the DEBUS compressed air vacuum cleaners are ideally constructed to deal with such matter.

Or within sandblasting companies:

This branch of indusrty requires DEBUS compressed air vacuum cleaners since compressed air is already an existing work tool. The strong negative pressure allows to vacuum even wet sand. Compressed air vacuum cleaners are also approved to operate in steel containers (electric vacuum cleaners with standard voltage are not allowed to). On these construction sites the robust construction is extremely important while the easy handling makes working with the devices more comfortable. Blasting material gets vacuumed directly from ships and moved into containers (by silo).

For the cleaning of underground tanks, DEBUS compressed air vacuum cleaners vacuum the blasting grit up to 5 meters high onto trucks or into troughs. Special vacuum cleaners with high efficiency get used during bridge constructions, sandblasting works on ships along with other works regarding blasting material. An intake quantity of 3t per hour can be reached with a small-scale compressed air vacuum cleaner.

In many companies metallic blast granules get vacuumed up to 10 meters high while still absorbing a significant amount. DEBUS- compressed air vacuum cleaners are also available in combination with free blasting devices to reuse the abrasives a second time. To do so, the dust content gets vacuumed with a cyclone and the recycable abrasives fall back into the free blasting device. With a combination of compressed air vacuum cleaners and sandblasting units it is possible to absorb abrasives and convey them over longer distances.




Strahlgut Absauganlage stationär Strahlgutsaugen stationäre Absauganlage Strahlmittel
Used during
vacuuming blasting material, emptying
in a container
blasting material
Stationary extraction system – abrasives