Dedusting Systems

Dust Extraction Systems:

Provide improved work conditions for your team and machines with innovative Dust Extraction Systems. Reduce the amount of work injuries as well as the down-time of your machines caused by more frequent and time consuming cleaning processes. With our compact Extraction Systems you will not only lower production and personell costs but also optimise the manufacturing process over all.

Clean work conditions If fine or gross dust: Our Dust Extraction Systems remove dust reliably from the air and therefore keep your work space clean. Machines and measuring tools do not get as dirty anymore which allows the cleaning to take place in noticeably longer intervals. Maintaining clean measuring tools also provides the foundation of precise results and thus a continuously high quality standard. Additionally your machines will be less impacted by the dust which enhances their durability immensly. Last but not least, our Dust Extraction Systems let your employees breathe freely again.

Reliable functionality When our Extraction Systems absorb dusty air, the air gets to a pre-seperator in which the bigger dust particles get seperated by gravity and fall into a dust container. The fine and even finest dust particles are being held back by the filter catridge and further on led into the dust container as well. Afterwards the new purified air is moved back into the work space by the Dust Extraction System or gets released into the open through pipes.

Custom-made constructions Our Dust Extraction Systems are designed for the universal use in all areas of industry and trade. An innovative modular system allows individual design and installation variants. We will gladly advice you personally on which Dust Extraction System suits your application purpose and company the best. Fill out our contact form or simply give us a call. Together we will provide clean air!