Powerful Industrial Vacuum Cleaners and Extraction Systems

We vacuum more than just dust

The Debus bestsellers, for example, offer the ideal solution for dry materials, including dusts, sands, chips, stones, granules, grains, blasting materials, wet chips and much more.

All that for an impressive price-performance ratio!

Compressed Air Vacuum Cleaner DDS 129-6-31-Reclean-H-AS-EL

New, powerful, robust und long-lasting from a sustainable production!

Explosion-proof, Industrial Compressed Air Vacuum Cleaners suited for the Atex Zones 21 and 22.

Vacuum Cleaners

We offer powerful and efficient Industrial Vacuum Cleaners for all areas within industry and trade.

Extraction Systems

Our DEBUS Extraction Systems optimize your work conditions and therefore the succes of your company.

Dedusting Systems

Remove dust, fog, steam, gas, smells & smoke reliably from the air with our DEBUS products.


DEBUS provides the ideal Industrial Vacuum Cleaner and Dust Extraction System for every application purpose.

Vacuum Cleaners

Innovative technology, robust construction and powerful!

Count on innovative vacuum technologies and robust constructions for increased longevity when choosing your DEBUS Industrial Vacuum Cleaner. Benefit from our variety of options to find the exact product that suits your requirements ideally.

An optimal product for every application purpose.

Extraction Systems

DEBUS Extraction Systems: for more safety and efficiency

Increase the cleanliness and safety at your work space. Optimize work processes and minimize production costs: with DEBUS Industrial Vacuum Cleaners and Extraction Systems.

We at DEBUS have specialized in constructing Industrial Vacuum Cleaners and Extraction Systems that reliably absorb nearly every material. Whether it is very hot, extremely cold, toxic, liquid or adhesive: DEBUS products ensure the safe and environmentally friendly disposal of production wastes. 

Dedusting Systems

DEBUS offers individual solutions and systems for purifying the air in your work space from harmful pollutants, including solder fumes, welding fumes, glue or laser fumes as well as all types of dusts, smells, smokes, fumes, fog or steams. 

Whether it is a small-scale Dust Extraction System, Machine Extraction or a large Central Dust Collector – DEBUS has the solution!

Your satisfaction is our success …“

Test us now!

Areas of Application

Based on our decade-long experience within the field of Compressed Air and Vacuum technologies, we have developed customized products that suit our clients’ requirements completely. They impress with a robust construction, easy handling and absolute reliability.
Naturally we provide an ideal solution for every application purpose: including yours!

DEBUS is now Nederman’s GOLD Partner – benefit from the partnership and enjoy an extensive variety of products combined with the excellent service at DEBUS. 

“Clean air is the foundation of a sustainable production”

Competence and experience – DEBUS for more than 40 years Quality and sustainability – the DEBUS quality principle
Made in Germany –
Montage and construction in Germany for more than 40 years

Consultation, service, maintainance und spare parts

  • Spare parts guarantee 30 years
  • Aftersales Service

We at DEBUS offer powerful Industrial Vacuum Cleaners, Extraction Systems and Dedusting Systems for every application.
Efficient and reliable: DEBUS Extraction Systems remove nearly every material – including liquids and even flammable dusts. Clean air is our proficiency!

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