Suction and Conveyor Nozzles

Suction and Conveyer Nozzles for all industrial areas

Count on our profieciency in the field of Compressed Air and Vacuum technologies to find the right Suction and Conveyer Nozzles for your application. Rely on solid manufacturing, robust construction and high-quality materials which we provide to ensure durabilty and longevity of our Compressed Air driven Suction and Conveyer Nozzles. Whether it is the food indusrty, electric industry, a chemical company or a completely different area: We offer the ideal Suction and Conveyer Nozzles for vacuum-creation, ventilation work, supporting dust extraction equipment as well as conveying granules and gassy or dusty matter.

A variety of application areas

In the food industry almost all goods get conveyed with Suction and Conveying Nozzles. The electric industry uses air-compressed Suction and Conveyer Nozzles to transport small electronical components such as resistors for example. Since the Compressed Air Drive is not self-heating, especially chemical companies benefit from this technique to ventilate production facilities or support gas pipelines for example. The by far most common application for Suction and Conveyer Nozzles, however, is the support of Dust Extraction Systems. With these Nozzles even conventional Dust Extraction Systems can be used as “Vacuum Cleaners” for any cleaning task.

Reliable technology

These Suction and Conveyor Nozzles, powered by compressed air, operate using the Coanda (or “annular gap”) principle. A suction effect, depending on the quantity and pressure of the compressed air used, is created on one side of the nozzle. The nozzle releases the material it entrained on the other side along with the compressed air.

Complete selection

Choose your Suction and Conveyer Nozzles from five different sizes, four materials and a variety of connection as well as attachment options. Depending on the type, our Suction and Conveyer Nozzles are able to create a maximum vacuum of 800 millibar. The infinitely variable amount of air intake is between 2,6 and 14 cubic meters per minute, the consumption between o,5 and 4 standard cubic meters per minute.