Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners: Innovative engineering, robust construction

Select your new Industrial Vacuum Cleaner with focus on innovative technologies and robust construction for durability as well as longlasting efficiency. Benefit from our wide range of Industrial Cleaners by finding a suitable Vacuum to meet your exact requirements. We offer powerful Vacuum Cleaners applicable in almost all areas of industry. Regardless of which Industrial Vacuum Cleaner you choose after all, it will always be a good choice!

Powerful and High-quality

As a manufacturer our focus is not only directed towards solid processing and robust construction but also exclusivley working with high-quality material. That is why, depending on what matter needs to be vacuumed, we furnish our Vacuum cleaners with e.g. plastic coated or stainless steel. To ensure continous high power, the Vacuum Cleaners are equipped with a maintenance-free by-pass compressor and motors ranging from 1.5 kW up to 25 kW output.

A suitable option for every application

We offer a variety of six different filter types which can be selected depending on the specific requirement for each dusty good. Additionally these filters comply with DIN EN 60335-2-69 Attachment AA including a test certificate from the Professional Institute for industrial Safety. When fitted with a floatation device our Vacuum Cleaners can also be used for the suction of liquids ranging, for example, from water to sludge. Our Industrial Vacuum Cleaners are available in moveable, stationary as well as explosion protected versions according to current ATEX-regulations. Even with emptying the equipment we offer an array of options: Whether it is using a detachable collector, a silo valve or directly into the customer’s own refuse containers.

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Together we will the suitable Industrial Vacuum Cleaner for your specific requirements.