Enineering / Plant Construction

Used in engineering

Powerful compressed air vacuum cleaners can be delivered in small sizes and are particularly suitable to be incorporated into special machinery. Compressed air vacuum cleaners are designed for continuous operation. For vacuuming chips, emulsions and coolants.

They can also be delivered with a pump for a conveying circuit.

Machine factories

In this field of industry there are a lot of application purposes for efficient industrial vacuum cleaners. The daily cleaning of floors, the vacuuming of machines after every work process, continuous chips removal integrated directly into the machine, oil changes in all sorts of machine tools, cable ducts need to be vacuumed, adhesive greases removed from the machines, coolants and chip mixtures get absorbed, sieved and pumped back into the cycle. Welding fume needs to be vacuumed and the air is supposed to be returned into the work area.

We offer various suitable vacuum cleaners from our extensive DEBUS selection to fit every application purpose perfectly.

Special engineering

As an example we want to mention the machines for thermal deburring. DEBUS compressed air vacuum cleaners are especially suitable for that, as they are able to vacuum hot fumes and hot chips in hot surroundings. These machines are small scale vacuum cleaners, made for continuous operation, ex-proof, reach high vacuum powers, suck in enormous amounts of air and are robustly constructed for longevity and lasting efficiency. The vacuum cleaners are available in stainless steel, coated versions or specifically constructed for its custom application purpose.

Application: Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)

In this technology, which is mostly being used for tool and fixture construction, electric energy ablates tiny metal particles with high speed. This process happens when the metal particles get flooded with a specific fluid. The particles get rinsed and stay back as metal foam in the machine housing. With DEBUS vacuum cleaners the removal proceeds efficiently. The mud particles are moved directly into a container which can be used for appropiate disposal.



AU (Stäube-Laserausschnitte MA (Filter Zusätze-Staub)
Vacuuming machine, laser cuttings and
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Different filter attachments,
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