Dust Extractors for Fumes and Mist

During numerous manufacturing processes oil fume and oil smoke build up. Those oil fumes and oil smokes have negative effects on your employees’ health, work safety as well as the productivity and profitability of your machines.

Your benefits from clean air with an Oil Mist Filtration System are diverse:
Clean Air is less health damaging for your employees. The risk of long-term contact with oil mist involve health issues including respiratory diseases, skin diseases as well as various types of cancer. These, however, can be noticeably minimized with the right Filtration System. Clean air prevents the accumulation of oil mist on surfaces. The risk of fires as well as work accidents caused by slipping on greasy floors gets reduced. Oil deposits on surfaces accelerate the expansion of fires. Clean air improves productivity. Aerosoles damage the electronics of modern machines. Expensive downtimes and reparations get avoided. Oil Mist Filtration Systems optimize the amount of coolant which returns into the production process. That lowers your costs. Oil mist consists of liquid droplets which can get very small with higher machine speed. That oil mist demands special requirements from filters. Depending on the requirements, Oil Mist Filtration Systems are available in different constructions as well as performance levels.

Oil Mist:
Oil mist causes health issues, slippery floors and settles on machines and production facilities. Our Oil Mist Extraction Systems are, depending on its application, either fixed directly to the machine or located next to it.
Our devices reach a maximum efficiency of 500 to 6.000 m³/h.

Emulsion Mist:
Emulsion Mist Seperators successfully remove aerosoles which get released during metal-cutting processes, for example chipping or chipless forming of metal. Appropiate Emulsion Mist Filters seperate the emulsions, mist and aerosoles profoundly. Based on the requirement, we offer different levels of power varying from 500 to 5.000 m³/h.

Oil Smoke:
During manufacturing processes that require high speed and high pressure, oil mist turns into oil smoke. As a result very small oil droplets (<1μm) form and the density of oil in the air is higher in comparison to oil mist. For best results we offer different power settings ranging from 500 to 4.000 m³/h to suit your individual requirements.