Large-Scale Vacuum Cleaners

Save material- and personnel costs with a Large-Scale Vacuum Cleaner

Save personnel costs and win back valuable materials: with a Large-Scale Vacuum Cleaner that deals with all dusty, granular as well as trickling and flowing materials. In all areas of environmental protection and pneumatical conveyer work our Vacuum systems, particularly the ones designed for large quantities, relieve your employees immensly. . These Vacuum Cleaners can also be used to reclaim expensive materials and release them for further use. As a result of those savings the machines will pay for themselves well before the end of their depreciation period.

Prepared for all industry-specific requirements

Our Large-Scale Vacuum Cleaners are designed as individual components using modular construction methods and can therefore be adapted for all types of work. Especially following industries have counted on our powerful Large-Scale Vacuum Cleaners for decades:

  • waste management, waste disposal
  • building trades sub-contractors, building materials manufacture
  • mining industry – for conveying ores, rock and soil
  • chemical industry, fertiliser manufacture
  • animal food manufacture, foundries
  • plaster manufacture, pottery and ceramic manufacture
  • power-stations, flour milling
  • incinerators, cleaning companies
  • sand-blasting companies, steel-works, loading and unloading plants
  • rolling mills, ship-yards, cement works etc.