Special Products

Special Products for Special Requirements

With decades of experience in Compressed Air and Vacuum technologies, we are developing individual solutions for costumers to meet even the most particular requirements.
DEBUS Vacuum Cleaners stand out especially due to their robust construction, easy handling and absolute reliability.

We provide Compressed Air and Electric Vacuum Cleaners for removing  dust, liquids, soldering fumes, welding smoke, chips and much more. DEBUS Vacuum Cleaners are also capable of handling almost every type of material including very cold, very hot, adhesive, poisonous or explosion endangered matter. Our extraction systems are diversly designed to fit every purpose .They can be integrated directly into manufacturing processes or used for mobile and central extraction of e.g. dust.

Customized Extraction Systems and Industrial Vacuum Cleaners have been our passion and proficiency – and that for more than 40 years.