Metal Production / Metal Processing

The application of DEBUS vacuum cleaners and extraction systems in wire plants for example

A large amount of scale occurs in these plants during annealing and straightening processes. DEBUS compressed air vacuum cleaners absorb that metal dust. Due to the vacuums’ efficiency they remove drawing oil as well as other soaps effortlessly.

Of course they are just as suitable for general cleaning tasks and remove fluids equally as well as dusty matter. Leaked hydraulic oil for example gets vacuumed directly into tight head drums with a barrel vacuum cleaner (Type DDS 50).

Many companies own sedimentation tanks for mud that are often covered by an oil film. DEBUS has developed special floating vacuum cleaners to remove the oil efficiently from the water surface.

In precision engineering companies

These workshops are required to be very clean which is why the use of vacuum cleaners is quite natural in those companies. Powerful industrial vacuum cleaners have become essential for the cleaning of machines and floors as well as the removal of sludge layers in electrical discharge machines and the cleaning of electrically operated machine tools. Aditionally all arguments of industrial cleaning apply within this field too.


MT Staub - Späne Metallverarbeitung Späne und Staub - trocken
Central extraction of
metal dust and chips
through pipes
Metal processing chips and
dust –
dry matter