Many industrial areas have one thing in common: during manufacturing processes health-harming gases and odors evolve. Headaches, conjunctivitises, early fatigue and damages to the respiratory system are results of inhaling polluted air.
The extraction of harmful substances directly from its source is compulsory according to the workers’ compensation board’s regulations regarding safety and health at work.

Air pollutions, including gases, fumes and odors, occur in various industrial areas. Especially the metal- and timber industry are major distributors due to their machining processes. Similarly effected by malodor and toxic fumes are the food industry, coal industry as well as the rubber industry and plastic industry.

The extraction of easily flammable fumes always requires EX-protected Extraction Systems to ensure ideal safety at all times. Our filter systems are build according to the regulations for explosion endangered areas including an appropiate EX- ventilator.

All filter systems for solvents or adhesive/ laser fumes offer ideal solutions for long-term extraction and filtering of harmful substances. The polluted air gets sucked in directly from its source with for example extraction arms, under table extractions or vacuum slot channels. The vacuumed substances get lead to the filter device through a suction hose system or an individually designed pipe to meet your exact requirements. The gassy or vaporous air pollutions get “absorbed” by Active Carbon Filters. Absorption, the binding of gases and fumes on the surface of a solid porous material (Active Carbon). When seperating different types of gases and fumes, differently waterproof Active Carbon Filters are required. The filtering consists of three steps – prefilter mat and/or aluminium knit, HEPA-filter and active carbon filter. The cleansed air remains in the work space. The filter exchange takes place comfortably through a maintanance access. The active carbon filter can be refilled repeatedly.