Extraction during welding – clean air at welding workplaces

The extraction of welding fumes is absolutely mandatory in order to guarantee every employee’s safety.

Welding always causes welding fumes which are – depending on the type of welding – extremely harmful to personnels’ health!
That is not only applicable to the employees’ health but also the longevity of all the machines as they are negatively affected by those gases and steams.

An efficient extraction system cleans the air and removes all welding fumes safely.

Get in touch with us now to find out whether a stationary or moveable welding fume extraction system suits your application purpose better. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

The portfolio includes along with the extraction additional equipment like welding tables, welding walls as well as various hoods and suction arms. ESD safe and suited for the use in ATEX zones!


S (Schweisszusätze) Schleifstäube und Schweissabsaugung
Vacuuming welding filler
Welding dusts
Grinding / Welding stationary extraction with table