Extraction Systems

The right Extraction System for a motivated workspace

Optimize your company’s success with one of our DEBUS Extraction systems. Our products provide fresh air, cleanliness and safety which sets the foundation of motivated and efficient employees. Whether it is in the industrial field, trade, medicine or research: DEBUS Extracion Sytems let you work effectively and successfully.

Reliable with any Material

Depending on material and location, Extraction Systems are required to meet different demands. Based on several decades of experience we have developed a wide range of diverse Extraction Systems that remove nearly every kind of material reliably and without residues. Whether it is an Compressed Air or Electric Vacuum Cleaner, a mobile or central Extraction System, whether it is to remove dust, liquids, chips or soldering fumes: We create every Extraction System to meet the exact requirements of each application purpose.

Quality in every way

Whichever Extraction System you choose: you can always rely on a high quality standard with DEBUS products. We do not only focus on high quality materials like steel, stainless steel or solid plastic. Robust construction for longevity and easy handling for daily usability are equally important to us. In addition to that it is our mission to keep our costumers satisfied. Therefore we do not only show quality in our products but also in the consulatation we provide.