Vapors / Mists

Dust Extractors for industrial areas in which oil and emulsion mists need to be vacuumed and filtered

When oil or emulsions are being used as coolants, lubrication or for transporting chips during machining processes (turning, milling, grinding, drilling), oil and emulsion mists are formed.

Often very high speeds and cooling lubricant pressures are being used during modern production processes. As a result extremely small oil/ emulsion drops emerge and distribute in the air. When this air spreads and mixes with clean air, negative consequences will follow and impact your employees’ health, work safety as well as the productivity and profitabiliy of your machines.

Different filtration options are needed as the concentration of oil is lower in emulsion mist than it is in pure oil mist. While oil mist can be seperated mechanically as well as electronically, it is recommended to only use mechanical filters for the seperation of emulsion mist.

Your benefits from clean air through an oil/ emulsion filter are diverse:

Clean air is less harmful for your employees. The risk of long-term contact with oil mist involve health issues including respiratory diseases, skin diseases as well as various types of cancer. These, however, can be noticeably minimized with the right Filtration System.

Clean air prevents the accumulation of oil mist on surfaces. The risk of fires as well as work accidents caused by slipping on greasy floors gets reduced.

Oil deposits on surfaces accelerate the expansion of fires.

Clean air improves productivity. Aerosoles damage the electronics of modern machines. Expensive downtimes and reparations get avoided.

Oil Mist Filtration Systems optimize the amount of coolant which returns into the production process. That lowers your costs.

Depending on the requirements, Oil Mist Filtration Systems are available in different constructions as well as performance levels.